Ford reveals its most powerful crate engine ever

The Eaton-blown powerplant is good for 760hp


Ford has officially revealed its most powerful crate motor yet, in the form of a 760hp (567kW) Predator V8.

As found in the Shelby GT500 from 2020 onwards, the aluminium DOHC powerplant features a forged steel crank and rods, and forged aluminium pistons for 9.5:1 compression.

Unlike the naturally-aspirated, flat-plane Aluminator V8 from the GT350, the Predator uses a traditional cross-plane crank.

Topped with an Eaton TVS R2650 supercharger, the engine offers up an impressive 625 ft/lb (847Nm) of torque. The engine mounts and bell-housing pattern are those of a standard Modular Ford V8, meaning plenty of manual or auto transmission options are available.

Officially designated M-6007-M52SC by Ford, the asking price is an eye-watering US$25,995 (AU$35,661).

That makes it the most expensive crate engine ever offered by Ford; an Aluminator commands US$23,625 (AU$32,422) in comparison. On the upside, shipping is free, and it’s backed by Ford’s 24-month/24,000-mile crate engine warranty.

For your money, you also get a 92mm throttlebody, accessory belt, exhaust manifolds, a starter motor, an alternator and an a/c compressor.

A control pack with a PCM, required sensors and engine looms can be purchased separately – though Ford hasn’t made pricing public.

Australian Ford tuner Herrod Performance has confirmed it has a Predator in-transit, which will be offered alongside the company’s existing range of special-order crate engines. Landed pricing, however, is not yet known.

Ford showed off the Predator at this year’s SEMA Show, alongside its Godzilla crate package and new electric ‘e-Crate’ motor.

The range faces stiff competition from Chevrolet, which debuted a 7000rpm-capable, 10.3-litre big-block at the show. While that motor is less advanced, and considerably more expensive at $37,758 (AU$50,782), it boasts 1000hp (745kW) and 876 ft/lb (1188Nm) of torque.

The Ford Predator crate engine is available in the US now.