Street Machine 2022 Yearbook out now!

A tasty 13th helping to cap off the year


With Christmas less than a month away and Street Machine Summernats not far behind, we’re flat-out putting together our first 2023 issue. But to tide you over until then, feast your eyes on our 2022 Yearbook!

After owning four XR Falcons including the stunning Bad Apple, Grant Connor reckons he’s finally nailed the formula with this incredible blown, 427-powered streeter. Unlike the show-spec Bad Apple, Grant’s more than ready to whale on this 765hp belter.

Like Grant, Kane Fiorenza’s got his own fixation. This Valiant hardtop is one of three he owns, and it’s bound for Drag Challenge. There’s a 440 big block punched out to 500 cubes up front, good for 500rwhp before nitrous.

With its chunky widebody, 700rwhp 2JZ and six-cog manual, Mark’s killer Mk1 Cortina looks like an out-and-out racer, but you’ll find it hitting Darwin’s streets on the reg. It’s full of switched-on engineering, handmade stainless goodies, and primo handling gear to keep it all planted.

Blake Evans had a great run in his LX hatch at Summernats 34, thanks to its super-smooth finish and NASCAR motivation. Amazingly, much of the paint and panel was a back shed job, and Blake and dad Paul insisted on leaving the rear un-tubbed.

Mark Sullivan is no stranger to featuring in SM, but his latest build, a traditional Buick Riviera lowrider, is something totally different to his usual muscle fare. Metal flake and lacework abound, topped off with 100-spoke Daytons and hydraulics to get down low.

On the other end of the showiness spectrum we’ve got John and Travis Oberg’s HK Monaro. Presenting as a stock coupe, you’d never pick the spicy crate LSA that lurks under the bonnet.

Speaking of blue Holdens, check out Mark Spiteri’s mega-tough Blue Meanie tribute. Packing a 350ci iron lion for 630hp and a five-speed TKO manual, Mark reckons it’s like driving on wet grass.

A little old event called SEMA hit the States in early November, so we plonked Mark Boxer in the middle of it. The Vegas trade show came back stronger in 2022, with a mind-blowing roster of new builds alongside some cool new hardware.

Back home, we tour Brisbane’s Pro Touring Fabrication, and feast our eyes on some bare-metal, force-fed stunners bound to make a splash when complete.

Queenslanders came out in force to Harrigan’s Rod & Custom Show to enjoy a smorgasbord of tough rides, from old-school hot rods to gorgeous pro tourers and everything in-between.

Having previously saved sex-spec icon GGHO5T, Craig McKenzie is becoming the go-to guy for classic show car revivals. He’s now knee-deep in a massive rebuild Ditch Jones’s showstopping HR ute, including a new colour scheme, for an unveil at Summernats 35.

We continue our crate engine journey with a look at old-school mills, weighing up the pros and cons of today’s out-of-the-box offerings from GM, Ford and Chrysler.

There’s also a look at George Hatzi’s Drag Challenge-proven, Barra turbo XF Ghia, Joe Woods’s US-based Dart racer, and the low-down on a bottle-fed 415ci small-block Chev good for 900hp.

The Street Machine Yearbook 2022 is on sale now. Get it while you can!

Where is the 2023 Street Machine Calendar?

For those of you wondering why there’s not a 2023 Street Machine calendar anchored to this issue, the unfortunate truth is that costs associated with printing and distributing the calendar have skyrocketed, so we haven’t been able to offer it as a tip-on with the mag as we have in years past.

We know a lot of you look forward to the calendar every year, so we’re going to produce a limited number and offer them for sale online and at our stand at Street Machine Summernats 35. We’ll revisit the idea of distributing it with the mag next year – fingers crossed!