Street Machine: 2020 Yearbook

Street Machine’s first ever Yearbook is on sale now!


EVER seen a Street Machine Yearbook before? Neither had we! We’ve increased our frequency to 13 issues a year for 2020, so we’re proud to present the inaugural Street Machine Yearbook for your buying pleasure. And, even if we do say so ourselves, it’s an absolute cracker.

Ford Cortina

One of the toughest and most recognisable Aussie street cars of all time adorns the cover – Michael Moit’s iconic WOG007 Cortina. It’s just copped the most exquisite rebuild at the hands of the Moits Motorcars team, including a couple of sizeable whirly bois, set to ensure the legend continues well into the future.

From WA hails this clinically clean VH SS Group 2, beautifully finished and motivated by a turbocharged LS1. We’re sure Brocky would approve in full.

Salubrious Dirt Drags

We get down and dirty at the ninth Salubrious Dirt Drags, which turned out to be a mud-slinging match of epic proportions. Check out some of the wild and wonderful creations that turned up to party on and raise some coin for a great cause.

Mendo Mitrevski’s LX Torana is one kick-arse street car – factory-flavoured but tweaked in just the right areas, and powered by a stonking Warspeed-fettled LSX454 donk.

Ford Falcon XY ute

Matt ‘Gudge’ Budaj applied some time-honoured modifications to his XY ute: tubs, satin Center Lines, a slammed stance and a thumping 393ci Clevo.

Holden VL Calais

Steve Sterjovski’s epic ITSWAR Commodore is arguably peak VL – finished to Elite Hall standards with giant, gold-plated Simmons rollers; a stroked and twin cam-headed RB30 strapped with a turbo so huge it sits proud of the bonnet; and a luscious cream leather interior.

Oxytech frontman Scott Barter set out to create a rolling business card for his powdercoat wares, and what better way to do that than to powdercoat this entire ’56 Chev pick-up! Built largely by the team at United Speed Shop, the car rolls on an HQ chassis and is powered by a 6/71-blown 308ci Holden.

We swing by opening night at Sydney Dragway to suss out the new surface, take in the first Aeroflow Race 4 Real in months, and chat with punters about the reno.

All this and more in Street Machine’s 2020 Yearbook, available now where all good magazines are sold!