Street Machine 2021 Yearbook out now

Just when you thought we were done for the year!


As the end of 2021 looms large, we’ve repeated last year’s act to bring you another 13th issue! The second-ever Street Machine Yearbook is on shelves now, and comes with the world’s coolest 2022 calendar.

When digging through the archives for our ‘Best SM Special Features’ retrospective, we found a huge amount of great content – too much for one mag. Part Two lies within, covering our favourite stories from 2002 to now.

Dominating the cover is Shaun Scerri’s off-chops HQ. Shaun took the real-deal GTS back to factory specs years ago, before changing his mind and chasing power. We’re glad as hell he did! The Tangerine sedan now packs an 8/71-blown small-block combo, good for 800hp.

Dom Luppino’s ZD Fairlane was bought new by his father, so it’s oozing with sentimental value. The Dandy Clevor-powered yacht is a serious streeter, having survived the fires of Drag Challenge 2019 in style.

We haven’t forgotten about you Val lovers; here’s Tim Haddock’s super-neat CL-fronted VJ ute. There’s more than meets the eye, with a 383-cube big-block Chrysler donk and five-speed ’box hiding underneath alongside a raft of factory-improved touches.

Mat Brown’s ProCharged XE ESP hides just as many goodies, with a tough Windsor and pro touring gear to boot, not to mention a gorgeous factory-look interior.

This Drag Challenge battler lays down the rubber road to freedom courtesy of big-block power, with HQ aficionado Mark Sauer behind the wheel. Very toey!

Trevor Owen’s 10-second, 202-powered LJ streeter blew minds on our YouTube channel earlier this year. We’ve now got a full feature on the car, looking at Trevor’s incredible ability to extract bulk speed from the humble six-pot.

On the topic of hot 202s, remember our Grunt Hunt special from 2000? Turns out it’s been kicking along in a UC Torana hatchback for 20 years! In this month’s Time Machine feature, we run you through a bit of the donk’s history, and its life outside SM.

Flick to our Legend feature for a great chat with Aussie street machining legend Geoff Paton, as he takes us back to the 80s.

There was action aplenty at Palmyra Dragway for the Sugar City Powerfest. A great variety of cars turned out for the three-day bash, and we’ve got bumper coverage from Ash Wilson and Iain Curry.

Stateside SM correspondent extraordinaire Matt Reekie headed to Wildwood, New Jersey for a dose of sand and salt at The Race of Gentlemen. Homebuilt jalopies and grassroots racers hit the beach in pursuit of heads-up racing and old-school fun.

Of course, there’s all the usual goodness too, including a cool tech yarn on 3D-scanning developments and a look at a massive, blown 510-cube big-block Chev from the minds at BG Engines.

So get on down to your local newsagent or supermarket for 2021’s lucky 13 issue. It won’t be around forever!