New street machine gear: Turbochargers + catch cans + headers + more

We put some new gear under the microscope; Aeroflow turbochargers, Mustang catch can kits, headers and more



WHETHER it’s fuel lines, catch cans, coolant lines or oil feeds, AN fittings are the go-to choice for us car nuts – they get used for the lot. But as good as they are, even AN fittings aren’t immune to damage or leaks, and if they fail, replacing the fittings is often the only solution. Now Koul Tools has released its new fitting fixers, specifically for tackling damaged AN stuff. They use an inverted-cone, diamond-dust-coated lapping head to repair the conical sealing surface on 37° fittings, restoring the seal to the fitting’s flared tube. You can find out more at


KEEPING unwanted crud out of your engine is good practice, and catch cans are perfect for either standard or high-performance mills. Mishimoto offers a huge range of universal and bolt-in catch can kits, including this neat unit designed specifically for 2018-and-onwards Mustangs. The kit comes with all hoses and fittings required for a sub-30-minute installation, with no drilling required. The cans themselves are made from billet 6061 aluminium, and use a PCV system with a 50-micron bronze filter to keep the junk out of your barking Coyote. You can find out more at


THE expansive Aeroflow catalogue has grown once again with the launch of the new Boosted range of turbochargers. Aimed at those searching for the sweet spot between price and quality, the Boosted snails are available in both journal-bearing oil-cooled and ceramic-bearing water-cooled guises. You have the choice of several different inlet and outlet flanges and a natural cast or high-temp black finish. The external water-cooled wastegates feature a silicone Nomex-reinforced actuator diaphragm and stainless-steel actuator spring. Of course, Aeroflow also stocks heaps of turbo accessories to achieve whatever you need, including CNC blow-off valves, three-stage digital boost controllers and various filters. Find out more and grab a free catalogue from


WHETHER you’re planning on getting away from the rat-race for a bit, a keen off-roader, or a regular at the track who’s always messing around with tyre pressures, the Ryobi ONE+ inflator/deflator should form a vital part of your tool kit. Being battery powered, there’s no need for extension cords or messy car battery leads, and it allows you to both inflate and deflate tyres – or anything else – to exactly the pressure you’re after, without the need to carry around a bulky air compressor. You can find out more at


MAKING elaborate headers and turbo manifolds can be a tricky process, especially with the amount of cutting and welding needed during constant trial and error. The IC Engine Works Header Modelling Kit is an awesome new trick bit of gear that makes complex header fabrication way easier. Just like the good old-fashioned cardboard cut-out, the system of snap-together pieces can be used to make any combo of bends needed, meaning you can model your entire manifold before breaking out the tools. Exhaust header kits are available in 15/8in to 2in sizes, while sizes up to 3in can be had for full exhaust system mock-ups. Email [email protected] or call RaceMAX Direct on (02) 9791 5030
for more info.


IF YOU’VE got a new-gen Mustang and you want to throw more power at it, it’s always a good idea to make sure the rest of your driveline is up to the task. GJ Drivelines now offers a killer new bolt-in tailshaft from the Lite Series, just for the Muzzy fettlers. The one-piece aluminium shaft is 4kg lighter than the factory unit, eliminates the need for a centre bearing, reduces overall load on the driveline and also brings the NVH levels down for peaceful cruising. You can find out more at or on (03) 9706 3166.


WE ALWAYS use Street Machine Summernats as the perfect venue to debut our new crop of merch for the year, and for 2020 we’ve gone seriously big. We’ve got four new T-shirt designs to feast upon, some killer new 80s-inspired tank-tops, Telfo’s personal favourite white bucket hats, a brand-new deck of playing cards, baby onesies, doggo apparel, Drag Challenge merch and loads more.

Jump online now and grab some killer kit, because we don’t restock this stuff once it’s gone. Find them at