New street machine gear: Edelbrock air cleaners + Haltech DTM4 can hub + engine mounts + more

We test some new street machine gear and gadgets on the market



Edelbrock air cleanersThe perfect companion to the Edelbrock finned alloy rocker covers we showed you last time, this new line of Edelbrock air cleaners includes three models for single- or dual-quads, providing the right look for any nostalgia rod or muscle car. Additionally, the small oval air cleaner provides adequate bonnet clearance in demanding applications. The Classic Series air cleaners are available in either polished aluminium or a durable black powdercoated finish. They come with a medical-grade, pre-oiled cotton gauze element for excellent filtration, and will work with all popular 51/8in necks on popular carburettors and throttlebodies. For more information, head to


Haltech unlimited CAN expansionThere’s no such thing as too many cans, and Haltech has thoughtfully provided an opportunity for unlimited CAN expansion with its new Elite DTM4 CAN Hub. The hub features four DTM4 ports and can be used for connecting up to three CAN devices, including Haltech IQ3 dash units, I/O Expanders and Wideband Controllers. You can also piggyback multiple CAN Hubs together if more devices are required. The hub comes with a DTM4 to DTM4 CAN cable, and a large range of cables are available separately between 75mm and 3600mm in length. For more information head to


speedflow aerospace style fittingsSpeedflow has manufactured and supplied innovative and quality aerospace-style fittings to the motorsport market in Australia and around the world for more than 30 years. Speedflow’s range of fittings are unique and innovative in design, with strong, full-flow hose ends and adapters that are not made the conventional way by brazing, but are bent in specialised equipment to produce a compact, solid, one-piece bend. Speedflow’s range is always expanding with many specific products being added to the product range. For more info on Speedflow products, give Speedpro a call on (03) 9794 5177 or visit


engine mountsIf you’re a Ford fan who believes in the old adage that there’s no substitute for cubic inches, you’re going to love this new release from Tuff Mounts. Designed for shoehorning big-block Ford engines into XA-XF Falcons, these engine mounts feature the tried and tested Tuff Mounts captive design, and will happily go the distance in high-horsepower applications. Available from your local Tuff Mounts stockist, online via, or by calling (08) 8374 0011.


gaugesMade in the USA and inspired by the dash display of the classic Lotus Esprit that James Bond drove in the 1977 film The Spy Who Loved Me, these digital gauges from Intellitronix are decidedly cool. Each gauge features a built-in microprocessor to precisely measure functions like air/fuel ratios, oil pressure, water temperature, voltage, fuel level, and transmission temperature. Extra-bright LED lights and bar-graph displays make reading the gauges easy on the eyes, with clearly visible data that won’t distract you while driving. The 21/16in-diameter gauges come in a variety of colours – choose from Torch Red, Royal Blue, Aviation Green or Arctic White interfaces, with options for chrome or black bezels. In-dash mounting hardware is included. For more information, hit up Summit Racing at


bead rollerThe Metalmaster SJ-24D Bead Roller is constructed from heavy-duty plate steel, sporting a generous 470mm throat depth and a 1.2mm mild-steel thickness capacity. It uses a gear-driven, manually operated system with a hand crank that drives the 52mm-diameter bead rollers. The 25mm driveshafts are supported in quality bearing bushes and incorporate greasing nipples for extra protection. The machine also includes a stand and six sets of rolls: 8, 10 and 12mm single-bead rolls and 2, 3, and 6mm stepped rolls. For more information call into your local Hare & Forbes Machineryhouse, or visit


stubby impact wrenchIf you’re still using a wheel brace in your shed, you’re doing it wrong. Shout yourself a SP-1141 half-inch-drive Stubby Impact Wrench from SP Tools and save yourself time, effort and busted knuckles. The head measures just 93mm, so it’s compact and easy to operate in confined spaces. It’ll apply 420Nm of torque, with bolt-busting torque of 970Nm. For more information on the SP-1141 and the rest of the SP Tools range, head to