Phil Rillotta’s Pro Street Torana heading to MotorEx

Phil Rillotta's Raging Bull Torana is set for a comeback at Meguiar's MotorEx


On any list of iconic Aussie Pro Street cars, Phil Rillotta’s PROSTR1 LC Torana would have to be up near the top. It appeared as Raging Bull on the Oct/Nov 1991 cover of Street Machine, was raced extensively during the 90s (including in Wild Bunch warfare) and was genuinely street driven. You can read the original feature here.

And now, Phil is flat out getting the Torana ready for a triumphant return to the scene at Meguiar’s MotorEx, 4-5 May.

Visually the car will look much the same. Phil has a set of Mickey Thompson wheels on the car at the moment and likes the look, but is yet to decide whether or not to swap back to the old Welds that were on the car, which he still has. Out back will be a new sheetmetal rear wing.

Phil credits Matt Bailey at Adelaide Custom Paint and Panel for his handiwork on the paint and body side of things. No doubt the car is going to look insane when complete!

The famous aluminium Rodek-based small block has had a freshen-up and a few tweaks including a new camshaft and blower, but it’s basically the same combo.

There are a few tweaks to the original formula, though. For starters, while the car run a Powerglide back in the day, it has now been swapped out for a Lenco and Bruno drive.

Likewise, while the car used to have a modified factory front suspension setup, it now runs a custom front end with Viking coil-overs. Phil has also decked it out with a brand new hand-fabricated exhaust system, and the diff — which used to be a braced F100 unit — is now a fully fabricated housing.

The trim will look the same as the orginal, but has been redone in Alcantara by the maestro Carmen Carofano.

Keep an eye on the Rillotta & Co Customs Facebook page for updates.