The sixth issue of SM’s magazine focussing solely on the mighty LS engine is out now


FROM strip stormers to show cars, subtle street sleepers, tough 4WDs and classic American cruisers, LS engines end up in the darndest places, and Street Machine LSX Tuner magazine celebrates them all.

The latest edition is out now and features a bumper crop of LS-powered beauties, including Street Machine’s own Carnage twin-turbo MX5.7 project. Reading about the trials and tribulations endured en route to its debut at Red CentreNATS is enough to bring a tear to Scotty’s eye!

 On the cover is Dave Guilfoyle’s gorgeous Purr-Pull HQ GTS Monaro, a former SM cover car (Dec ’15) that recently had its old 6/71-blown 502ci BBC swapped out for a Magnuson-blown 427ci LSX with thoroughly impressive results.

 Also representing the blown brigade among the feature cars is an LS3-powered HDT VK SS Commodore and an LSA-powered rare Range Rover.

 Team Turbocharged includes an LSX-powered VY Commodore one-tonner built for Powercruise, an LS1-powered HG street-and-strip sedan, an LS3-powered Nissan 200SX, and a twin-turbo LS2-powered Ford Cortina.

 The natural breathers include an LS2-powered Holden Rodeo burnout car and a cool LS3-powered Camaro cruiser.

 Elsewhere in the mag, the last Australian muscle car ever built, HSV’s GTSR W1, is put through its paces, and there’s a separate yarn on what our post-Holden imported muscle car future might look like.

 As always, there’s loads meaty tech talk for tinkerers to sink their fangs into, including an in-depth look at Mercury Racing’s insane twin-turbo QC4 quad-cam donk and a study of aftermarket clutch options for LS- powered cars.

  LSX Tuner #6 is out now, and damn any newsagent that doesn’t stock it.