LSX Tuner #9 on sale now!

Street Machine LSX Tuner #9 has all the inspiration you need to LS the world


IF YOU’RE a lover of LS engines, then we have good news for you! The ninth edition of Street Machine LSX Tuner magazine is hot off the presses, and as per usual it’s filled to the brim with sweet LS-powered rides and tech tips that will have any LS fanatic foaming at the mouth.

HSV MalooHeadlining LSX Tuner #9 is Mark Attard’s stunning VE Maloo. Powered by a Dart LS Next block fed by a 88mm Comp turbo, this orange beast should be well and truly capable of over 1500hp, and has show-stopping stance to match.

LS engineWe’ve got the full lowdown on the boost-loving range of iron-block LS donks, including how to tell the difference between an LQ4 and an LM7 (and everything in between), and all the nitty-gritty specs to help you choose the best budget donk for your project.

toyota corollaWe’ve also got a whole menu of LS-powered rides to flick through, including a mental LS-swapped AE94 Corolla built by some teenagers; Adrian Hunt’s turbo LS3 HG ute; a 1700rwhp VF Maloo; an LY6 VH SS HDT monster; a thumping 427ci, 1400hp HZ Kingswood; a ’64 Chevy Bel Air with new-school L98 power – and loads more.

Chev Nova SSLSX Tuner editor Iain Kelly was at ground zero as Al and Woody from YouTube channel The Skid Factory slammed an LS1 into the front of a ’65 Nova SS, and has all the behind-the-scenes details of what went down.

Chevrolet CamaroWe take a stroll down memory lane as we relive the history of Australia’s last performance-bred two-door, the HSV (Monaro) Coupe, and we also have the full rundown of what Aussie companies are offering to help spice up the new crop of right-hand-drive Camaros landing on our shores.

Terry Seng VCThere’s full coverage of all the LS-powered bangers that fronted up for racing at the Holden Nationals 2019, 10 LS heroes from our very own Drag Challenge 2018 marathon, heaps of nerdy tech info, and much more.

If you love some LS, make sure you head out and grab a copy now, or order online here.