Project MX5.7 cruises the streets of Alice Springs at Red CentreNATS


AFTER a massive thrash, our Project MX5.7 made it to Alice Springs and completed the Yeperenye Shopping Centre Town Parade!

 This was the whole reason we built the Mazda for our Carnage web series. With the NT government offering special permits for wild cars to cruise the streets of Alice during Red CentreNATS, we had to be in it!

We arrived in town for scrutineering at 11.00am yesterday and we held our breath as the officials checked that the MX-5 would be safe for street use, despite the fact that there are two massive Garrett turbos sticking through what is left of the bonnet!

Approval was granted, providing we have a passenger at all times to assist the driver with vision around the huffers and are accompanied by a service vehicle out front. Beauty!

Scotty headed to Blatherskite Park for the start of the cruise and was just about to turn into the complex when a radiator hose clamp gave way, dumping out most of the coolant. One of the spectators provided us with enough water to fill up the system again and with a little work, we were underway. The car received a rousing reception and used much less E85 than we feared it might.

This morning, Scotty and Broads have fitted bonnet pins to the car, sorted the transbrake, changed the oil are now installing the tailshaft loop. Then we send it! Thanks to all who helped get the car here, especially the MPW Performance team, All Race, Iain Kelly and many more.