Auction watch: Brock’s personal VH, HQ GTS coupe, and more

A batch of Grail Holdens round out this week’s offerings


It’s the end of another week, which means it’s time to see what our mates at Grays are putting under the hammer.

As usual, Aussie and American rides dominate our picks – including a couple of killer wagons if you’re in the market for a new family-friendly steed.

This week’s hero car is a well-optioned Mercury Silver HDT VH SL/E, personally owned and driven by head honcho Peter Brock.

Based on the original BVE005 plates, Grays believes the 308-powered car was also driven regularly by partner Bev. It’s had a few modifications in its time, namely a new cam and exhaust system, plus a Toyota five-speed manual gearbox.

The original bodykit, Irmscher wheels and Alpina steering wheel are all there, as is the HDT paperwork certifying it as a personal Brock car. Reissues of the original number plates are also included in the sale.

It’s due for a minor clean-up (and possibly a factory four-speed ‘box for the purists), but if previous Brock car sales are anything to go by, it’s likely to pull big dollars.

Sticking with the early Commodore theme, this real-deal BT1 Turbo has already attracted 30 bids.

The ex-chaser is hotter than it once was thanks to a cammed and tuned donk, front-mount intercooler, and tranbraked auto by Rajab Racing. There’s also a tough LSD by Preston Automatics & Differentials.

While it’s not a factory absinth yellow car, steelies and obligatory Venetians give it the right look.

Here’s a rough and ready ‘69 Galaxie 500 Sportsroof, packing a 390ci big-block and C6 auto combo.

The bodywork has seen better days, but is described as solid. It’s a complete car that apparently runs and drives well.

With no reserve and huge prices commanded by local XA-XC Falcon hardtops, this Galaxie could be an excellent buy for a lover of big Ford coupes.

We love tangerine, Lone-O-Ranger-striped HQs, as proven by our current Yearbook mag cover.

This one is a genuine GTS, ordered with a 253ci thong-slapper and four-speed manual. It’s now running a period 308, backed by a cruise-friendly auto.

It’s in good nick all ‘round, with all the usual GTS fruit, the original radio, and even an uncut parcel shelf.

This HQ sedan is a GTS tribute, meaning it may not pull an out-of-this-world sold price.

It’s also a Street Machiner’s delight, courtesy of a fully-rebuilt 350 Chev, Turbo 400 auto and tough Salisbury diff from Geelong Differentials. Dragway Auto Drag-style wheels round out the package.

There’s a heap of other new bits on the car inside and out, including a GTS wheel and dash surround, fresh Houndstooth seats, and retrimmed interior.

Bids have reached $46,200 at time of writing — still a way off reserve.

Believe it or not, this VT SS will be eligible for Victorian historic rego in under two years!

As a series 1, it’s the last gasp for the iconic plastic V8.

The 234,000 kilometres on the clock mean it has travelled under 10,000 per year, as shown by the respectable original finish. The VT has so far drawn a top bid of $5500 with no reserve, potentially making it a solid (though not especially fast) investment.

Here’s a rare factory 351 XD Fairmont wagon. With the S-pack box ticked alongside a raft of other options, Ford says it’s a one-of-one car.

Chrome 12-slotters and a Holley 650 carb under the shaker lend some extra ‘80s cred, while the original Emerald paintwork has made way for XB-era Calypso green.

The brakes have been replaced alongside some other components, making for a great family truckster.

On the other end of the ’80s, a newly-formed outfit called HSV unleashed the VN SV LE wagon.

Number 54 of 80 built is going up with no reserve, and has already pulled a solid 56 bids.

The iron-lion longroof is described as being in good condition, with 272,668kms on the clock and a certificate of authenticity from HSV.

This ‘60 Impala blends muscle car power with lowrider cool.

There’s a blown small-block Chev under (and through) the bonnet, plus a tidy airbag arrangement front and rear.

There’s even a kid-sized, electric ride-on version thrown in with the sale.

Check out this one-owner, 57,000km F6 Typhoon, wrapped in awesome bionic blue.

The 270kW Barra turbo is matched to a smooth-shifting ZF six-speed auto. According to Grays, it’s faultless throughout, with a full service history.

Click through to the Grays website to view and bid on these, and plenty more, classics. Bidding for most lots wraps up on December 7.