Auction watch: HT Monaro GTS, XB Falcon GT, HSV VN SV5000 and more

There’s plenty of chrome- and plastic-bumper pearlers to pick from in this week’s Grays classic car auction


Grays’ weekly classic car auctions are still going as strong as ever and this week’s crop is full of surprises.

Bidding on all these lots is live now, with most wrapping up from around 8pm on Tuesday 17 May. All top bid figures are accurate at the time of writing.

Our first tempter is this one-owner 1970 HT GTS Monaro, which has a dash of racing pedigree to keep the story interesting.

The owner is said to have used the HT for a bit of rally racing not long after buying the car in the early 70s, back when people weren’t afraid to use their fast machines for such things right out of the showroom.

Bidding is currenlty at AU$75,250.

A 70s pearler for the Ford fans doesn’t get much better than this ’75 XB GT sedan, which is a factory Yellow Blaze, 4V 351ci and four-speed manual car!

The original mill and ’box are still in place, and it even comes with the original tape deck. Bidding right now is topping AU$55,200, but as you can imagine, that’s still a way off breaking the reserve.

If you’re keen on getting a Falcon from this era in two-door form, then this ’72 XA Fairmont 351/four-speed coupe would make for a ripping project.

Adding to the 351 and four-speed options (which it still carries) are the factory-fitted GS bonnet and grille. It was painted in Wild Violet from the factory, though as you can see, the exterior has seen better days. But part of us just wants to get it running and cruising the streets as-is, kind of like the Aussie version of Roadkill’s General Mayhem ’68 Charger.

Tough Fords are plentiful this week, with this ’79 LTD packing a 460-cube big-block, C6 transmission and nine-inch rear end!

You also get a full set of Convo Pros for an awesome pro street look, and being an LTD, it has the luxo interior and plenty of legroom for long road trips to things like Summernats!

Fancy a manul VH SS, complete with HDT build plate?

We’re digging the guard-top aero strakes, while the odo is showing 158,000km.

If you’re after a VN-shaped V8 but want to stand out from the crowd of Atlas Grey SSs, this 1990 HSV SV5000 is the perfect way to do that without spending Group A money.

This is build number #263 of a total of 359 made, still presenting in original condition with just a smidge under 140,000km to its credit. The SV5000 was more of a luxo-based HSV offering, and much of the interior would be recognisable to Calais owners (see the climate control!). It has SV89 front and rear lips, but the rest of the bodykit is specific to this model. All SV5000s had four-speed autos mated to their iron lions, in keeping with the luxury theme.

Regardless, it’s a V8 VN, so we’re not surprised bidding has already topped AU$36,000 early in the auction, and with few of these cars out there, it’ll be intriguing to see where the hammer falls on Tuesday night.

Our last pick is a bit of an oddball treasure, but we guarantee it’ll be just as much of an attention-grabber as anything else on this list.

What you’re looking at is a 1971 Mitsubishi Colt, and it’s a damn-sight cooler than any other Colt we’ve ever seen! It looks to be in all-original condition, too, complete with the carby four-pot powerplant and manual ’box – and of course that striped interior, which is so cool!

With no reserve and just AU$5000 being the top bid right now, we reckon it’s an awesome opportunity to own a club plate-able Japanese classic that’ll definitely turn heads at your local cars-and-coffee or all-Japan day.

You can view all these and the other listings up for auction this week at Grays by following this link.