Summernats 33 day two update

Day Two of Street Machine Summernats 33 went off!

Photographers: Luke Hunter, Shaun Tanner, Ash Wilson

EXTREME temperatures and a sheen of bushfire smoke failed to deter punters from enjoying day two of Summernats 33. With a huge variety of automotive action, there was something on offer for everybody.

A packed Skid Row stayed open for most of the day, providing drivers a chance to test their powerskid mettle. A highlight was Jake Myers’ wild S1CKO Mustang, throwing up a thick curtain of two-tone smoke.

The Horsepower Heroes competition kicked off on day two, with some huge numbers flying off MPW Performance’s hub dynos. Maria Passos’ incredible sleeper-spec XR6 squeezed out 2084 horsepower, breaking the 6-cylinder record with a de-stroked Barra.

While not competing, the Castle Hill Performance VT Commodore made a return with some new hardware, this time pulling a stonking 3200hp at the hubs.

Carnage’s own Barra-powered MX5 also proved itself on the dyno before hitting Skid Row, which you’ll see in a future episode.

Burnout Championship qualifying provided hours of big skids, and a few wall-related love taps.

Capping off day two was the Great Uncover, which saw 12 mind-blowing cars unleashed to the public.

Summernats action is only heating up, so stay tuned for more updates!

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