XR6 Turbo makes 2048hp at Horsepower Heroes

Maria Passos’ RIPSS breaks the six-cylinder record as Horsepower Heroes warms up at Summernats 33

Photographers: Luke Hunter

RECORDS were obliterated as soon as the Mainline Pro Hub dynos started spinning at Street Machine Summernats 33.

The very first run of the event saw Maria Passos’ RIPSS XR6 Turbo run the highest output ever seen at Summernats from a six-pot engine. Spectators in the MPW Performance dyno hall were on their feet as the 3.7-litre de-stroked Barra made 2048rwhp.

Swilling methanol the 4180lb IRS-equipped street car has run a PB of 7.71@188mph to lay claim to the title of the fastest Barra-powered street car in Aus. With a 110mm Precision turbo and a new billet intake manifold the orange four-door puts over 50psi worth of hurt on a factory block and cylinder head, though the internals have all been upgraded with Dynomite Performance parts like their billet crank.

“I’m speechless,” says Maria just after the run. “The goal for the weekend was to make over 2000hp at the wheels and we’ve done that now. There might be more left in it, too, as I normally shift at 10,500rpm at that run was only 8020rpm.”

Not to let the Barra crowd have it all their own way Dale Heiler brought the big-block Chev-powered Castle Hill Performance VT Commodore back to fight for the pushrod crowd. Having made over 3000rwhp last year the CHP crew fitted a pair of new 98mm Garrett turbos and an upgraded fuel pump to suit.

With a tune set far too rich Adam Rogash from MPW spun the big blue four-door up to make 2738rwhp. After Dale pulled a bunch of fuel out the VT came back on at 3pm and spun up 3200rwhp easy as pie.

“That was only 53psi,” laughed Dale. “We’ve had over 60psi in it when we’ve raced it at Kenda, so I’ll turn it up a bit for tomorrow and then give it a crack on Sunday.”