Volvo wagon with Lamborghini V10 in the build – Video

We check out a Swedish madman who’s squeezing a Lamborghini V10 into his Volvo 245 drift car


WACKY engine conversions are nothing new here in the Street Machine offices, and until earlier today we thought we’d seen just about everything – from a simple LS-swapped S14 Silvia, to a 1JZ-powered L300 Mitsubishi tradie van, Barra-swapped 2002 BMW and everything else in between. Then we saw what Swedish man Peter Björck was planning to put in his humble Volvo 245 wagon, and our jaws just about hit the floor.

Peter’s Volvo used to house a mental turbo 2JZ from a Supra, which he used for drifting duties. But a JZ engine in a Volvo of this vintage is nothing new, as you’ll see in an upcoming episode of our YouTube show Carnage. So instead of merely thinking outside of the box for his next donk, Peter decided to just throw the box away and go even crazier by choosing a 5.0-litre, 500hp V10 mill from a Lamborghini Gallardo. Yep, a Lamborghini V10 is getting stuffed into the nose of this 1975 Volvo estate.

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Now as you’d expect, fitting an engine of this size and calibre into a car like this isn’t as simple as changing a few engine mounts, but Peter seems determined to overcome any obstacle to get the job done. “I’ve hit three major problems so far, but it has been a dream for me for some time, and I will try to do it and get it done,” he said. Most of those problems involve fitting the damn thing in the engine bay and keeping the sleeper status of the car, which Peter is prepared to go to great lengths to retain.

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Unlike the previous 2JZ, the Lambo mill will be staying aspirated. The engine featured in the video actually has a cracked block, as it was pulled from a crashed GT2 Gallardo race car. Peter now has to swap all the internals from the damaged block into another block he’s purchased, but before that happens he still has to figure out how to get it to fit into the Volvo.

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We’re all crossing our fingers that he can get this project finished, as there’d almost be nothing sweeter than watching a Volvo screaming sideways around a race track to the sound of a Lamborghini V10 concerto.