Short wheel base, light weight, high center of gravity, vans were basically built for burnouts


With Street Machine Summernats two weeks away, our thoughts have turned to what the craziest burnout cars we’ve ever seen were. A couple of vans cropped up in discussion, so we thought we would dig up some videos of the best burnout vans on the Internet.

TOASTR put on one hell of a show at Summernats 26, not that it was on purpose though. It was inevitable, but the little V8-powered Suzuki van flipped over and created a pretty big mess. If you look closely at the video you can see driver Dean Jury stick his arm out the window to try and break the car’s fall! Not wise. Dean usually turns his van left and uses his own weight to counterbalance the spin, but this time he turned right and tipped.

Here’s another Suzuki van, but rather than stick a V8 under the nose, this one’s packing a rotary! It put on a good show at the Good Fryday Burnouts at Sydney Dragway back in 2012, and has one of the brightest glowing exhausts we’ve ever seen on a skid pad.

This could be one of the craziest burnout cars ever created. It’s a Mitsubishi van, with twin 302 Clevelands wedged into the cargo area driving the rear hoops through two transmissions and two diffs – one for each wheel! It’s madness and munches through tyres like you wouldn’t believe.

An Altona plumber van by day, burnout beast by night, Colin Byrne’s ‘SEWERSIDE’ van puts on one hell of a smoke show and is a crowd favourite. With an L98 jammed underneath, it’s got the grunt to smoke a set of tyres with ease but it’s the super-convincing styling that we love about this thing.