Pepi Milan's tough 427 LS-powered LH Torana streeter is gunning for the 9-second zone

Videographers: Steve Kelly

PEPI Milan has recently finished building his cool green LH Torana street and strip weapon. It originally had a slow six but now it’s running a tough injected 427-cube LS making 760hp at the motor and trans-braked Powerglide combo that should get the car into the nine-second zone. At the moment the Torana has run a best in the low tens, but that was on the car’s drag strip debut and Pepi was gentle off the line.

While it’s a tough drag car, it’s a street weapon first and foremost and Pepi has been driving the thing just about every weekend since it was finished. Whether it’s just to get supplies from the shops or a cruise with the family, the car soaks it up and Pepi is really enjoying being behind the wheel after taking it off the road for the two-year build. We caught up with Pepi at Lakeside Raceway’s eighth mile drags to chat about the car.