Daryl Elliott's LH Torana will be packing over 800hp at Drag Challenge this year thanks to an all-new 427ci small-block combo


STREET Machine Drag Challenge 2016 is just over one week away now, and one bloke who is really stepping up his game this year is DC veteran Daryl Elliott. His LH Torana is one of the true street cars of the Sydney scene and has run a 10.2 on pump gas and 235 tyres. The LH has competed in the last two Drag Challenge events with a 427 small-block Chev combo and aside from a small fire caused by a burst transmission cooler line last year, Daryl has had a pretty trouble-free couple of runs.

LH Torana Sedan Chev 1Looking for a few extra ponies for this year’s event, Daryl wanted a head, cam and piston upgrade from Westend Performance for his 427, but that has quickly got out of hand. The little Torry will be packing over 800hp for Drag Challenge 2016 thanks to a whole new combo that boasts the best of the best: Little M block; 427ci; custom Diamond pistons; AFR 15-degree Racer Pro heads massaged by Nathan Higgins; Dominator carb; Callies rotating assembly; T&D rockers; 904 lifter; and a bunch of other goodies including a Racepak datalogger and MSD grid.

LH Torana Sedan Chev 3“This car gets driven everywhere so we are throwing everything at it to make it the best it can be on a 235,” Westend’s Sam Fenech says. “Once we exhaust all of those options we will start looking at the chassis, but we hope to get it closer to an eight on pump gas.” It seems like a PB on Drag Challenge this year is inevitable for the Torrie.

LH Torana Sedan Chev 4Regardless of time slips though, Daryl is looking forward to the road trip. “For me the event is all about the road trip,” he says. “Not only that, it’s a good way to test out your car and see if it’s a true street vehicle.”