Affordable Racing Parts throws its 440-cube Windsor small-block on the dyno

Videographers: Shane Pike

‘TRICKY’ Tristan Triccas from Affordable Racing Parts has built one awesome 440 Windsor motor that should power Corey Jackson’s Ford Capri into the low nines.

Based on a 440-cube Windsor small-block, this bent-eight is packing CHI T-Rex CNC-ported heads, a Scott Cook Motorsports manifold, custom T-Rex roller cam, ICE ignition system and a Pro Systems 1050 Dominator carb to top it all off.

Hooked up to Tricky’s engine dyno, the Windsor pumped out a seriously impressive 856hp at around 7800rpm, without any nitrous or forced induction sorcery. The 440 also produces a tidal wave of torque, pushing 645lb-ft at around 5500rpm. Tricky reckons that’ll be enough to send Corey’s Capri into the low nines, with trap speeds somewhere north of 150mph. The raw figures might scream ‘race car’, but the small-block has been tuned to be streetable – though Corey won’t be driving it to and from work anytime soon.

There are also plans for some giggle gas, which will make the Capri a total nutter-mobile. At the moment Tricky and the ARP crew are focusing on getting the motor running and making big power on its own, but eventually Corey wants to give it some bottle. Tricky estimates that with a 400hp shot of nitrous the Windsor should see close to 1300hp – enough to comfortably sink into the eight-second range.