Tristan Triccas is gunning for the seven-second zone with his now nitrous-fed Ford Capri streeter, ROARY


REGULAR Street Machine readers will be familiar with Tristan ‘Tricky’ Triccas’s blue Ford Capri known as ROARY. The car has been featured in the mag and competed in the first two Street Machine Drag Challenge events, plus Tricky has done over 300km/h runway racing in the thing. Tricky has even started to get into the Powercruise-style roll racing stuff now – yep, he lives and breathes racing and ROARY clocks up some serious miles.

 Under the bonnet these days is a 440-cube Windsor-based donk built by Tricky himself, with all the fruit and a 500hp Wilson direct-port nitrous system. The little Capri has knocked out an 8.51@161mph naturally aspirated, and Tricky hopes to run sevens with the full nitrous artillery activated. So far he’s only used a 300hp shot roll racing at Powercruise and at Sydney Dragway’s Lights Out eighth-mile event, where the Capri ran a 5.5-second eighth mile pass.

 The rest of the driveline consists of a C4 trans with Gear Vendors under/overdrive to make street cruising easier, while the rear end still retains the factory leaf spring setup but with a much tougher nine-inch diff housing.

 Tricky genuinely cruises this car and even gets the baby seat in the back from time to time, so the whole interior has been sound deadened with Dynamat and the Capri even has air-conditioning! It runs on pump 98 fuel, but when Tricky wants to use the nitrous he switches over to VP NO2 juice.

If Tricky decides to come to this year’s Street Machine Drag Challenge, he’ll be a serious contender in the Haltech Radial Blown class – yep, nitrous counts as blown, but with 1400hp to play with, we don’t think he’ll be complaining.