This insane SME-built 5000hp V16 will power the upcoming Devel Sixteen supercar


STEVE Morris Engines in Michigan, USA has a long history of building insane horsepower engines, and the company has just built a quad-turbo V16 capable of 5000hp for a new Dubai-built supercar.

The crazy 12.3-litre donk features a single-billet alloy block, billet steel camshaft and crank, and they’ve strapped on four 81mm turbos. The result is a beast that apparently makes so much power it exceeded the capabilities of SME’s engine dyno, topping out at 4515hp.

The engine also has an ‘everyday’ street tune, which runs a ‘mild’ 20psi of boost instead of the full 36psi, and it still made over 3000hp on America’s 91-octane pump fuel (95-octane in Australia). If they end up jamming this thing in the Devel Sixteen, it’ll be the most powerful production car ever, and Devel reckons it’ll do over 560km/h.

It’s a very big ‘if’ though; at the Dubai Motor Show where the car was revealed, there were murmurs of solid brake discs, aero bits that weren’t actually functional, and a cleaner breaking the flimsy front splitter while dusting it with his cloth.

If this video of the engine on the dyno is any indication though, they might just pull it together. Just don’t come asking us to be the high-speed test drivers.