American mad scientist Jan Baker has built a 552ci V12 Clevo that you need to hear to believe


YEP, a V12 Cleveland, created by Yank genius Jan Baker. Using two 302 blocks and three 302 heads, Jan has come up with a 552ci V12.

As the man himself explains, the motor basically operates like two independent straight-sixes with a common crank and camshaft. But it sounds like something much more than that.

Two four-barrel carbs sit on top of the extensively cut-and-shut intake manifold for the dyno pulls, but keep an eye out earlier in the video for a shot of the motor with a rare inline four-barrel carb developed by Ford in the 60s during its Total Performance era. While there is more development to come, it is already making almost 700hp on pump fuel.

Jan plays down the difficulty of the build in the video, though there’s clearly a whole lot of engineering expertise and hot-rodding genius in the beast. To think this was all done in Jan’s home workshop is truly inspiring.

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