Steve Thomas’s awesome VK Commodore Blue Meanie replica is a nine-second scorcher


IT WAS only a matter of time until tuners started plonking GM’s belting 6.2-litre blown LSA motor into their street-and-strip monsters. These things hammer in the Gen-F HSV GTS they come packed in from the factory, and with a bit of track optimisation and a smaller, lighter body you’ve got one serious bit of kit.

Steve Thomas’s LSA-powered VK Blue Meanie replica demonstrates what happens when you cram 6.2-litres of mildly hopped-up supercharged V8 into Brock’s finest. Hint: the thing becomes a total rocket sled!

The motor runs a custom Howards cam and springs with a 12psi-boost pulley upgrade, and pushes 556hp through the rear hoops. It all goes to the ground through a Powerglide two-speed transmission with TCE 3500rpm stall converter and 3.5:1 diff gears. And that all equates to a scorching quarter time of 9.58@147mph.

Check out the Full Boost video to see this weapon in action, and look out for Steve’s car on the cover of our upcoming Street Machine LSX Tuner #2 mag – on sale 7 September.

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