Reader’s Rocket: Blown VK Calais Blue Meanie tribute

Jason Kouzoukas's 540rwhp VK SS Group A Brock tribute is a comfortable, retro tech cruiser

Photographers: Trackside

“My 1985 VK Calais is an SS Group A Brock tribute on the outside, but in the engine bay it’s a different story.

First published in the January 2024 issue of Street Machine

It runs a JK Performance-built LS2 that receives standard boost from a 1.9-litre LSA supercharger to make 540hp at the wheels. The mill also runs 1000cc injectors, CNC heads, and a custom water tank and heat exchanger.

Rounding out the drivelive is a TR6060 six-speed ’box, a custom tailshaft, and a shortened diff with a Truetrac centre and 31-spline billet axles.

Underneath, there’s XYZ coil-overs on the front, while an adjustable four-link, Viking coil-overs and mini-tubs live out back, and the car rolls on Simmons FRs.

This thing is driven, not hidden, and my girls and I love cruising in it with the a/c on, listening to the sweet noise of the supercharger.

There’s no better feeling when you’re out in the streets in a 1985 car with 2016 running gear – it turns heads everywhere!”