We can honestly tell you this 1300hp LC Torana is a little bit scary


ADAM Styles was supposed to join us on our first Drag Challenge but when the wife booked a mandatory family holiday to Bali on the same week he took the safe option, jumped on a plane and stayed married.

He was still involved though and we got Adam to do a little track testing at the Motorsports Training Australia facility for us to see how much track we could use and keep things safe. We even went for a couple rides and we can honestly tell you this 1300hp LC Torana is a little bit scary.

“It honestly makes me laugh,” Adam says, “The things it makes your brain and your body feel when you’re racing is amazing. It doesn’t seem possible that a car like this should accelerate that fast.”

Adam built the car himself with help from a couple of local businesses on the NSW/VIC border; Peter Grenis Automatics, Webster’s Dyno and Performance and Engine Master Australia.

“I wouldn’t be able to do this without them,” Adam says. They’ve helped create this twin turbo 408ci monster which has run 8.13 at 172mph on 275 radials.

On the street Adam uses E85, but he has to buy 200-litre drums because E85 isn’t available in Albury/Wodonga yet. At the track he steps it up to E98 to get the most from the combo.

At the moment he’s running a pair of X275-legal 62mm GTX35 turbos, but he reckons he might step up to a pair of 68mm units for Drag Challenge. As if it wasn’t quick enough already.

Watch some behind-the-scenes footage from our MTA testing session and then see it run head-to-head with Terry Seng’s awesome twin-turbo VC Commodore at Sydney Dragway.

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