Take a drive with George Chalikouras’s Chevy-powered Ford Capri


Check out George Chalikouras’s Chevy-powered Ford Capri. Now, before you open a new email to fire us off an abusive missive about automotive cross-breeding, George has a good reason for plonking a 350 Chev under the bonnet of this very fast Ford.

“It was already engineered for the Chev,” he says. “I had plans of installing the 4.1 turbo from my Cortina into it, but a quick check with the measuring tape indicated that I would need to do some major surgery.”

So George bolted a naturally aspirated Chev up front to start with, but he didn’t like that, so he added EFI and decided he still wasn’t happy. Having owned a string of turbocharged fours and sixes, George eventually concluded a pair of turbos was the way to go. Nowadays the Capri sports two GT35 turbos and a fuel-injected 350-cube Chevy small-block, a combination that produces around 1000hp. Just the thing for cruising the mean streets of Melbourne.

George doesn’t mind a bit of drag racing – the car has gone 8.7@162mph – but first and foremost this potent Pommy coupe has been built as a street car, and as you can see from the video, it cruises through Melbourne traffic with ease.

To read more about George’s cool Capri, and see how he squeezed a twin-turbo, twin-intercooled, small-block Chev into such a small car, grab the May issue of Street Machine, on sale today.