Adam Rogash from MPW Performance talks us through his Drag Challenge experience


ADAM Rogash’s NOSHOW HSV VT Clubsport was one of the fastest cars at Street Machine Drag Challenge this year, placing third overall. He was one of two guys to run a seven-second pass and in doing so set a new PB for the car – 7.99 @ 171mph and this was on the final day of Drag Challenge after 1500kms of tough road driving and four days of track torture.

The motor is a 427-cube LS-next with twin 69mm billet turbos which run 24psi of boost in the car’s meanest tune. We saw this thing being tuned on the engine dyno at Powerhouse Engines a few weeks before Drag Challenge and it made a smidge over 1600hp on 24psi fairly effortlessly. Although the boys had the boost turned down until the final day at Calder it still ran low eights consistently. And when they did dial in more boost for that seven-second pass it was on the limiter from around three-quarter track, so there’s plenty more to come from this car.

We were blown away by how reliable this thing was too. The other teams with seven and eight second cars were constantly wrenching on their machines and swapping gearboxes and all the rest, the biggest dramas these boys had was with their tow bar! According to the boys, on the highway, the car cruised happily at 2000rpm at 110km/h with 3.25 diff gears.