Adam Rogash takes out first place in Haltech Radial Blown and second overall at Drag Challenge 2016

Photographers: Michelle Porobic, Nathan Jacobs

ADAM Rogash from MPW Performance in Dandenong really had his work cut out at this year’s Street Machine Drag Challenge. Apart from tending to his own NOSHOW twin-turbo 440-cube 7-second beast, Adam had his customer cars to deal with too – all ten of them. And all ten were serious weapons – Jesse Boothroyd’s crusty eight-second Kingswood single turbo LS, Matt Lampard’s LUMPER, Todd Foley’s supercharged VH and Neil Davey’s VX Commodore to name a few.

HSV Clubsport NOSHOW EngineThe team basically saw PBs all ‘round and had four cars in the overall top ten in what was a killer week for Adam and everyone involved at MPW. Adam himself scored first place in the Haltech Radial Blown class and second overall behind Bubba and his VH Commodore.

HSV Clubsport NOSHOW 4That class win didn’t come easy. On the night of day one the boys had to swap out an axle bearing by the side of the road while being eaten by giant blood-thirsty mosquitos. There were electrical dramas with the oil scavenge pumps for the turbos, injector issues, and the hail storm of bugs we seemed to drive through between Calder and Mildura also didn’t do new motor no favours. The air-filters on the low-mount turbos copped an absolute hiding.

HSV Clubsport NOSHOW 3 NwBetween working on NOSHOW and customer cars, Adam copped a hiding too. By the time we were at Mildura the bloke looked like he’d been hit by a bus. Still, he managed to pedal the thing deep into the fives down the eighth and pretty consistent low eights everywhere else. Still a fresh combo, Adam was learning how the car performed with a bit of boost dialed in which lead to a few butt-clenching moments on Drag Challenge this year. At both Mildura and Swan Hill, the big HSV lost traction around three-quarter track and started heading for the wall doing some pretty big speed!

HSV Clubsport NOSHOW 5By the time we got to Calder on the final day with Bubba well in the lead it would have taken a miracle, or Bubba to break something, for Adam to get the overall win. But with Drewey not far behind, he had to turn it up. He just missed repeating that day five seven-second pass from last year, running a couple of 8.0s. Still, he was stoked to finish the event in second and see his mates all PB in their cars.