Twin-turbo small-block HT Holden ute – Video

Kris Velkovski has built a twin-turbo small-block Chev-powered HT Holden Ute for Drag Challenge


THE Velkovski brothers are responsible for building some of the toughest RB-powered Torana street cars going around, but Kris’s latest build bucks the trend, being that it’s an HT Holden ute powered by one of the General’s good old-fashioned small-block V8s. The twin-turbo donk was meant to go in Kris’s LC Torana, but he had a change of heart and decided it belonged in his then-stock ute, which has since undergone a transformation.

 The motor is a conventional LT1 small-block Chev with Dart heads, and twin Garrett GTW turbos helped along by all the Turbosmart gear and electronic fuel injection. Backing the stout engine combo is a two-speed Powerglide and nine-inch rear end with a set of CalTracs. She’s un-tubbed too, so body-wise it’s pretty much standard aside from a neat rollcage that’s hidden away.

The interior is similarly factory-looking, with a bench seat, factory gauge cluster and big ol’ timber-trim Holden steering wheel. From the inside, the only thing that gives away that this car is hiding some snot is the gear shifter. The factory-looking theme is something that the Velkovski boys have done with a lot of their cars.

Kris has plans of bringing the ute on Street Machine Drag Challenge later this year and we can’t wait to see what sort of times it runs – with a combo like that it could be at the pointy end of the Haltech Radial Blown field.