Twin-turbo big-block powered ’69 Camaro – Video

Why do you need a 1200rwhp twin-turbo big-block in a street car? Because why not!


FIRST-gen Camaros have been getting modified for the best part of the past 50 years, so to build one that truly stands out is no easy task. However, we reckon fitting a twin-turbo big-block, Haltech Elite EFI, airbagged suspension and big-inch Simmons wheels to a perfectly restored body would pretty much do the trick, and that’s exactly what you see here in Nathan’s ’69 Camaro street car.

Packing a Castle Hill Exhaust & Performance-built 509ci big-block Chev with all the fruit, including twin Precision turbos mounted up behind the grille, this puppy makes over 1200rwhp on low boost. While some might argue that 1200rwhp is overkill for a street car that will probably never get raced, the big cubes and twin-turbos give this set-up effortless low-end grunt and big shove up top, making it a really driveable street package. An angry big-block alone probably wouldn’t have the same street manners or effortless power delivery as the EFI twin-turbo combo.

 With the turbos mounted right up in the grille, you’re probably wondering where the radiator is – it’s hidden up under the boot floor, where it cops plenty of airflow to keep the monster powerplant cool on long drives.

Inside the Camaro is all class and looks just like a factory car aside from the big MoTeC digital display in place of traditional analogue dials. While Nathan’s Camaro runs a Haltech Elite 2000, what a lot of people don’t know is you can run any kind of configurable CAN dash with the Haltech ECU – not just the Racepak or Haltech dashes that are common.

 Check out the video as Scott from Haltech walks us through the car and the unique dash setup.