In this episode of Project VL we're mounting up the Plazmaman intercooler, making our pipes and fitting wastegates and blow off valves


THIS week in the Project VL series, the real fun starts! We’re at MPW Performance and Race Fab in Dandenong where the car has lived for the last few months. I took the car there, told Adam Rogash who runs the place that I wanted to run tens on a stock bottom end RB30 and that’s when I realised I was dreaming.

 My engine was then shipped off to Powerhouse Engines for a full rebuild with forged Spool pistons and rods. While the engine was getting built (you’ll see that next episode) we sat a dummy engine and trans in the car that we could use to make up our intercooler piping ready for the engine dyno a few weeks later.

 We went with a Plazmaman intercooler which receives boost from the Turbonetics 64/65 billet wheel turbo. While we were there we also plumbed up my Turbosmart 45mm Hypergate HP external wastegate and Raceport blow off valve. With this turbo setup and the built motor, we’ll be able to cram over 30lbs of boost into the engine and make some serious power.

Tune in next episode where we’ll be at Powerhouse Engines machining and balancing my RB30.