Andrew Lynch tearing it up at Symmons Plains Raceway in his LS-powered Corolla


ANDREW Lynch is one of the most exciting drivers to watch in the scene. Lynchy is a total madman and he does some pretty wild stuff with his LS-powered Corolla out on the burnout pad, but his skills aren’t limited to cutting loops, he can drift that car like a Formula D pro!

 Lynchy was one of the big-name interstate cars that came down to Powercruise 70 at Symmons Plains Raceway in Tasmania and safe to say he was a crowd favourite out on the track and burnout pad. While the burnout pad was quite small, Lynchy definitely made the most of it but I reckon he had the most fun out on the track drifting through the turns at Symmons Plains. He just kept going til the tyres blew!

By the end of Saturday, Lynchy had actually run out of tyres but more rubber was donated to the cause on Sunday morning so he went out and destroyed those too!