Highlights from the Powercruise 70 burnout competition at Symmons Plains Raceway


POWERCRUISE is the event where you can do pretty much everything. At Symmons Plains Raceway in Tasmania, we had the chance to cruise the track, drag race and do burnouts in the Carnage twin-turbo V8 MX-5. While the burnout pad was pretty small, there was no shortage of entrants keen to give it a bash.

 Lynchy absolutely tore it up in his Corolla, as did Andrew Pool in IBLOWN who tipped it in so hard his driver’s door swung open and actually did some panel damage! Tasmanian Darren Triffett put on a hell of a show in his blown small-block Chev-powered VH Commodore and then once he got the tyres off proceeded to set fire to any grass that came within a few inches of his car. Jesse Paramore’s blown LQ9 Clubsport SKIDZO was another tough Tassie car.

Check out the video to see the action.