Lloyds March classic car auction

Plenty of classic metal up for grabs at Lloyds March Classic Car Auction this Saturday


THE crew from Lloyds have another classic car auction happening at their Gold Coast headquarters this Saturday. I dropped in to check out some of the lots last weekend, and wow, there are some cool rides up for grabs! You can check out the full listing here and if something takes your fancy, you can bid online.

Ford Falcon XA GS hardtopMy personal favourite was this XA GS Falcon hardtop. The car is said to have been restored 20 years ago and stored ever since. What I love about this car is that it is still in full 70s spec: column-shift auto, dealer stripes and colour-coded mags.

Ford Cortina MkIIA close second on my list was this 1968 MkII Ford Cortina. Imported from the US (and hence left-hand drive), the little beast has been set up as a super-cool road/race hybrid. Under the bonnet is a rorty 1600 Kent Crossflow four-pot, with four-speed auto, big brakes and thoroughly upgraded suspension.

Holden HT GTS 350 MonaroAs usual, there is some primo Aussie muscle in the mix, including this HT GTS 350 Monaro. The Powerglide-equipped car has recently had a full restoration and looks as stock as they come.

HG MonaroThis 350-powered HG Monaro doesn’t appear to have been a genuine GTS, but is a cool-looking unit. We’d probably give the custom trim a redo if it was ours, but each to their own!

Ford Falcon Phase I XW GTHOFor Ford fans, we have this Phase I XW GTHO. Powered by a 351 Windsor, it is said to be one of three factory auto GTHOs built.

Chrysler VH Valiant ChargerRepresenting the Mopar fraternity is this VH Valiant Charger. Wearing R/T warpaint, the Hot Mustard VH is powered by a 265 Hemi and auto combination.

1965 Chevrolet Chevelle convertibleThis ’65 Chevelle convertible is a sweet thing, with a killer trim job. The SBC-powered car rolls on 17in wires and hits the deck thanks to airbag suspension.

Ferrari TestarossaAnd for something completely different, we have this bitching 1987 Ferrari Testarossa. Is it just me, or is there something really decadent about a white Ferrari? Our sources say that $350K is not unheard of for these cars, so it will be interesting to see what this Japanese-delivered example will fetch.