We chat with Justine Mott about her crazy Gemini


JUSTINE ‘Juzzy’ Mott’s TG Gemini skid rig was sporting a bold new look at Sydney Dragway for Brashernats 2017.

As if the little Gem didn’t stand out already – with that 6/71 Littlefield blown, twin Quick Fuel carb-fed 427-cube Chevy small-block rising ominously from the engine bay – it is now emblazoned with GEMSKID down both sides, with a Joker motif that asks the pertinent question: ‘Why so serious?’

“Our new thing is: ‘Why so serious?’ because the burnouts have become so serious and we want to have some fun with it now,” Juzzy told SM. “It’s become so serious, it’s always, like: ‘Oh, I haven’t placed.’ ‘I haven’t won.’ ‘ Why didn’t I win?’ So we went, you know what, it doesn’t need to be serious all the time, let’s go back to some fun now.”

Justine has been competing in burnouts for five years and her level of throttle control in the heat of battle is on par with the finest in the sport.

She’s already collected her golden ticket into next year’s Burnout Masters at Street Machine Summernats 31 after her third-place finish at Lardner Park Motorfest in March, and is aiming high. Juzzy pulled off a ripper skid in this year’s Summernats Burnout Masters Last-Chance Qualifying, and if not for the pesky concrete barrier forcing her to back off and back up, she might have progressed further.

“My idol is Debbie Gray, because she’s a first woman and she’s been in it for so long,” said Juzzy. “Y’know, she’s the first female to ever get into the Masters, ever win it [Note: Debbie won the Summernats Burnout Championship in 2001]. I’m the second, now I’d like to win it, that’d be great!”

Click on the video to hear Justine’s thoughts on being a standout female in a male-dominated sport, and watch GEMSKID shred two sets at Brashernats.