We chat to the guys from Haltech about their new line of ECUs and some of their next-gen features


WHILE we were at SEMA last month we caught up with the genius’s from Haltech. Haltech is an Australian ECU company that specialises in trick computer gear for modified, street and race cars and they’re at the cutting edge when it comes to EFI and making cars go really fast.

From basic features like two-step and boost control, all the way through to flex-fuel, transmission pressure control, bump and creep and now torque management, the top of the line Haltech ECUs can really control anything and it’s we use them in cars like our Turbo Taxi and why loads of others in the street machine community choose Haltech.

 The new product that they’re really proud of is their Elite 2500T ECU which incorporates a driveshaft sensor to detect and limit wheel spin. According to the guys, once it’s set up properly you’ll never experience wheel spin again and you should end up with the perfect tune for the conditions every time. It’s bloody magic stuff and the big radial racers over in the states are really getting around it.

Haltech also work closely with a lot of the guys from the hit Discovery show, Street Outlaws. These guys race stupidly powerful race cars on regular street surfaces so features like Torque Management really help get down the road in one piece and as fast as possible.

They’ve also just released an ignition-only ECU for guys running mechanical injection or carburettors which includes all of the features of the Elite series ECUs without the fuel mapping. Check out the video as we chat to a number of guys from Haltech as well as the boys behind the Aussie-built and developed V12 LS project.