SEMA: Haltech unveils an EV-powered Cobra, Nexus Rebel LS ECU and Haltech Connect app

As part of its mission to support engine swaps of all kinds, Haltech has unveiled a swathe of new offerings at SEMA 2023


The SEMA Show is always a hotbed for brand-new technology, so Haltech decided it was the perfect place to unveil the Aussie company’s intentions for the EV sector of the modified car world.

The Haltech team have done so with a Mk3 EV Shelby Cobra replica, which is being displayed on the Race Winning Brands stand at this year’s event. The Cobra uses a Core EV Conversions kit made by C4V EV Performance and Go Tech Performance.

The kit is available to the public and includes all the basics needed for an EV conversion, minus the battery. The electric motor replaces an ICE one in the front of the car as per usual, and also allows you to retain a traditional gearbox and diff rear-wheel-drive set-up.

This particular Cobra features a Cascadia Motion SS-250 Gen2 Single Stack motor, with a 400V battery. It’s said that combo is good for 4450ft-lb of torque at the rear wheels (no horsepower figured provided), which is good for a claimed 0-60mph (0-96km/h) time of 2.7 seconds!

As for the Haltech side of things, the Cobra uses full Haltech body control with the company’s existing PD-16, an iC-7 digital dash, and tyre pressure monitoring. The new bit is an experimental Prototype EV Supervisor.

President of Haltech Nathan Clark says the company’s ambitions to break into the EV conversion market is necessary going forward: “We see that in the future more and more people will want to EV swap their classic cars, so it makes sense that we begin to explore this technology.

“We still have much learning and development to do before a full Haltech EV system will be ready for market, but it is exciting to share this glimpse into the future for Haltech,” he says.

The Cobra and its experimental EV Supervisor is just one of the new products unveiled by Haltech at this year’s SEMA, alongside the new Nexus Rebel LS ECU and Haltech Connect app.

The new Nexus Rebel LS is a Haltech’s solution for banger engine control for Gen III and IV LS engines, the idea of which is to make setting up an LS in any car as simple and as powerful as possible.

As for the new app, it will allow Haltech customers to do away with laptops to access their ECUs and VCUs. That means owners and tuners can connect to their Haltech products via smartphone or tablet, making things a whole lot easier. It’ll be free to download, and will revolutionise the ease with which customers can play with their Haltech gear on the fly.