Straight-axle gasser meets custom with this mean FB sedan delivery

Videographers: Steve Kelly

THERE is no shortage of gassers running around the nostalgia drags circuit these days, with many more in the build. A good gasser is loud, spectacular, pays its respects to the cars of drag racing’s glory days and has a sense of humour built in.

Bridger Frankland’s FB Holden sedan delivery, Destruction, is a great example. The Queenslander started with a stock FB wagon 20-odd years ago, chopping the top 4.5 inches, removing the rear doors, stretching the fronts by seven inches and filling in the rear windows to create a bitching sedan delivery. The car then sat idle for a long while, before Bridger decided to finish it as a race car – entirely appropriate, as many 60s drag sedans bore custom touches, while many heavily customised street cars also saw plenty of time on the strip.

Holden -FB-gasser -2And while Bridger has raced the car in its natural patina for a couple of years, he recently treated it to a sweet 60-style custom paintjob.

Under the skin, the FB is packing a lot more muscle than the original grey motor could ever hope to provide, thanks to a tunnel-rammed 427 big-block, backed by a Powerglide and nine-inch diff. It is a spectacular-looking car, and quick too, with Bridger hoping to see mid-10s from it before long.