FB Holden V8 for sale in the UK and more

A modified FB Holden sedan is up for grabs in Old Blighty


Time for our weekly wrap up of Facebook Marketplace finds, starting with a Rover V8-powered FB Holden in the UK!

The seller has owned the car since 1999. Mods include HR front and rear ends, a 3.9-litre Rover V8, Borg Warner auto and Spax adjustable shocks on the rear.

The FB has been stripped and resprayed, with some neat pinstriping and the classic blue dots in the tailights. Don’t see them very often these days!

Our seller is also the proud owner of a 60th Anniversary Edition VE Commodore. He’s advertised the FB in Aussie early Holden groups, so clearly he’s hoping someone will buy the car and return it to Oz.

Next up, a very trick 1957 Chev wagon, engineered in NSW with an LSA swap and six-speed. You’d be very hard-pressed to build something like this for the asking price of $85K. We’d give it a makeover, Aaron Gregory-style and turn it into an Optima Challenge-style weapon.

Finally, there something about this HQ van that intrigues us. Yes, it could use some body work, but we’re digging the airbagged stance and the retro 90s vibes in the engine bay.

Under the bonet is an injected 5.0-litre with a cutom twin throttle body and Haltech E6GMX computer, good for a reputed 255hp at the treads. This is backed by a built TH700 and 9in LSD.

Some serious work has gone into the stance, with mods to the chassis rails and floor, a triangulated four-link and airbags all ’round. The owner says the car is engineered in Victoria for all mods and is on full rego. So all the hard work has been done engineering-wise, leaving the buyer with the option to transform it into a glamour. Or leave it as-is and travel Australia in the thing, blowing minds at every servo and counter lunch stop.

Check out the Old Skool Car Sales group for the Chev and the HJ.