Blown 400ci Windsor-powered BA Falcon ute on the dyno – Video

Darral Earnshaw puts his ballistic BA burnout ute to the test on the QuickBitz dyno


LIKE many a Blue-blooded Aussie before him, the Falcon ute is near to Darral Earnshaw’s heart. The diehard Ford man owned a BA in his past, but it eventually met with a fiery fate. So a few years later, when Darral was in the market for a top-notch burnout machine, a BA one-tonner seemed a natural choice. A tub soon followed, along with an FPV kit and custom-cut graphics.

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Fast-forward half a decade and BASKDR has become a name to be feared on the burnout pad. Since building (and rebuilding) the ute, Darral has never second-guessed his choice of Ford power. In its former guise, the ute ran a 347, which Darral has since replaced with a force-fed, Dart-blocked 400ci Windsor. A C10 auto feeds into a shortened BorgWarner diff, which Darral says has performed admirably.

A bunch of Haltech-supplied goodies regulate and protect the beast when all hell breaks loose, which Darral credits with his saving his skin more than once.

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He also wants to set the record straight on what the car’s plates mean. “I get a lot of questions about them,” he says. “The car is a BA, and it’s a skidder, so BASKDR.”

After unbolting the massive 20x16in rears for the hub dyno at QuickBitz, the ute comfortably gave back 600hp – plenty of tyre-frying goodness. Darral plans to next unleash BASKDR at the Avalon 5K Burnouts in early September, and later Shepparton’s Springnats.