Blown 427-powered XW Fairmont on the dyno – Video

Flame-sptting, supercharged XW Ford Fairmont on the dyno


IF YOU somehow missed the 8/71 blower screaming away up the front of this XW, the flames spitting from the twin pipes should be enough to clue you in that this is not your average GT clone.

Springvale’s Daniel Cassar watched his dad transform this 1969 Fairmont into a mean-looking Super Roo. Now, as part of the brains trust of Springy Performance, he’s chipping in to help stretch its legs even further.

A long-time tenant of Daniel Sr’s garage, the car’s original Fairmont-spec 351W was ditched to make room for a weapons-grade injected 427 with plenty of goodies. Daniel hopes the Powerglide and 3800rpm converter will help send the Aussie iron to 1320 feet well within the nine-second bracket.

Having recently swapped the car to straight methanol in pursuit of happier inlet temperatures, Daniel decided to visit to QuickBitz for some added wisdom. The Dandenong-based outfit hooked the red beast up to their hub dyno and let fly, resulting in some truly impressive numbers.

Daniel’s prediction of 740hp on the new juice was well and truly surpassed, with the dyno soon showing 860hp at the hubs. In an interesting twist, the car actually lost power with the exhaust cut-outs open – an impressive reflection of the car’s potential streetability