Is this the quickest XR6 Turbo in Australia? – Video

With a string of eight-second passes to his name, Dylan Murdoch could have the quickest XR6 Turbo in the country – and he’s not done yet

Photographers: Dave Reid

HERE in the Street Machine office, we’re no strangers to how quick Barra-powered cars can be. We’ve covered dozens of seriously fast Barras, and every time we do, the horsepower numbers get higher and the ETs get lower.

Dylan Murdoch contacted us this week about running in our upcoming Drag Challenge Weekend event in Queensland (3-6 May), and our jaws just about hit the pavement when we saw what he was thinking of bringing along. Dylan is the proud owner of CRANKY 6, a 1600hp BF XR6 Turbo that could quite possibly be the quickest street-driven example in the country (and probably the world).

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Late last year, with the old 1500hp motor, it ran a potentially record-setting 8.184@175mph, which Dylan claims makes it the quickest ET and fastest mph ever for a street-driven XR6 Turbo. The 94mm Garrett GTX5533R was cramming 43psi into the mill at 9000rpm at the time, but the Haltech 2500 ECU was giving warnings of potential crank twisting. This prompted Dylan to get a new engine in the build, this time with a billet crank so he could really max out the Barra’s potential.

The new engine has had the full five-star treatment from KPM Performance Engines. The biggest change is a de-stroke from 4.0L to 3.7L, with a Spool billet crank, Pro I-beam rods and custom CP pistons. The top end contains Kelford solid-lifter cams and Crow valve springs. Feeding the whole lot are 12 injectors – 2400cc primary and 1250cc secondary – which are nestled in a Plazmaman intake plenum.

The new engine was tuned in the car a few weeks ago, smashing out 1659hp (1237kW) on 50psi. If that doesn’t make your eyes water, Dylan plans on running it up to around 60psi in his pursuit of being the first seven-second, street-driven XR6 Turbo.

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Backing up the insane engine is a TH400 ’box with a custom spragless converter, and a four-link nine-inch rear end. Amazingly, despite using the factory rear tubs, Dylan can still fit up to a 315 radial tyre, but plans on running a 275 at the moment.

“This car was the first to go eights with different plates – JET066 – a few years ago, so I’m hoping to be the first to go into the sevens very soon,” Dylan says.

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As mentioned, Dylan has flagged that he would like to run at DC Weekend this year, but wants to test the car at the end of the month with the new engine and chassis changes before he fully commits. Needless to say, we’re all crossing our fingers that he can make it along so we can see it in action!