World’s quickest street XR6 Turbo: 8.18@171mph – Video

Maria Passos's BA Falcon runs low eights and is the quickest street-driven XR6 Turbo in the country


THIS BA Falcon XR6 Turbo is Maria Passos’s first car, acquired when she was 18, and since then it has seen continual development to get to its current form: Australia’s quickest street-driven XR6 Turbo across the quarter-mile. It has gone from a respectable 10-second car seven years ago to now running consistent low eights, on the verge of its first seven-second pass and becoming the only street-driven XR6 Turbo in the country to do it.

At the heart of Maria’s Falcon is Ford’s legendary Barra six, albeit built by Dion Amato at Dyno-Mite Performance with a 3.7-litre de-stroked billet crank, I-beam rods and JE pistons. The head has also been CNC-ported by Dyno-Mite and houses solid-roller camshafts.

 A Garrett GTX55 turbo sits on a unique CES exhaust manifold, and the fuel of choice is E85, supplied by a dual-pump system and controlled through a Haltech Elite 2500 ECU. The motor is backed by a Preston Automatics Powerglide, TCE converter and custom carbonfibre tailshaft.

Maria’s Falcon retains independent rear suspension, albeit beefed up by Dyno-Mite to handle the 1600hp engine package. It sits on 15×10-inch rear wheels fitted with 275 radial tyres, and Maria races the car in full street trim weighing a porky 4175lb with air con, ABS brakes and full airbags – plus a six-point ’cage by Lauria Motorsport.

We last saw Maria out racing at Grudge Kings at Sydney Dragway a few weeks ago, where she ran a PB of 8.25@171mph – a street XR6 Turbo record at the time. Maria then entered the Brisbane Jamboree last weekend and ran a string of consistent low eight-second passes before running another PB of 8.18@171mph – again the quickest street-driven XR6 Turbo in the world. Will Maria be the first to run a seven-second pass in an XR6 Turbo streeter?