Drag Challenge Weekend 2019 Six-Cylinder class preview

We look at some of the mean metal taking on the new Six-Cylinder class at Drag Challenge Weekend 2019


STREET Machine Drag Challenge Weekend is just around the corner, taking place in Queensland, 4-6 May. The first of two DC events this year, DCW will see the debut of three new classes, one of those being the XR6 Turbo Developments Six-Cylinder class. The class rules are pretty simple: The cars need to have six-cylinder engines (blown or aspirated) and can run up to a 275 radial. Here’s a quick snapshot of some of the men and women throwing their hats in the ring in the hopes of being crowned Australia’s quickest six-cylinder street car at Drag Challenge Weekend.

Mark Riek’s FX Holden ute was featured in the June 2015 issue of Street Machine. The most striking part of this beautiful piece of Aussie history is the 150ci turbocharged version of the original Holden grey motor. With a PB of 12.60@106mph, it’s certainly no slouch.

As expected, the Barras will be out in full force in this class, and Dylan Murdoch is headlining the act with his 1700hp BF XR6 Turbo. With a PB of 8.184@175mph, this is claimed to be the quickest XR6 Turbo in the world, and Dylan’s well and truly on the hunt for a seven-second timeslip.

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Damien Boyce will also be representing the Blue Oval in his second crack at DCW. His Barra-swapped XT Fairmont is primed and ready to take on the three days of hard yakka both on and off track.

The RB crowd also has a strong showing in the class, with father-son duo Darrin and Lochlann Miller flying the Nissan flag. Their R31 Skyline and R32 GTR are both having their mills refreshed before DCW. Lochlann’s R31 has so far run a best of 9.40@145mph, and he’ll be pushing for 1000hp from the RB25/30 combo to see how much he can sink that number.

Darrin’s R32 GTR will be sending well over 1000hp worth of snotty RB26/30 through the factory five-speed manual ’box and diffs in his second crack at DCW. Last time he took home the Quickest Stick-Shift award; with a few more manuals entered this year, it’ll be interesting to see if he can keep the title.

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The strongest showing from the six-cylinder family for DCW is shaping up to be Toyota’s JZ engines. Kristian Goleby is midway through building his 1JZ KE36 Corolla wagon for the Tuff Mounts 235 Radial Blown class, while his other half Naomi Van Der Togt will be contesting the XR6 Turbo Developments Six-Cylinder class in her low-nine-second, 2JZ-swapped S15 Silvia.

Gavin Miller is bringing along another stonking example of JZ goodness, his Mk3 Supra sporting a stroked Nitto 3.3L 2JZ, backed up by a T56 six-speed manual. With the ability to crack well over 1000rwhp, it’ll be interesting to see how Gavin goes putting that monster power to the ground on the quarter and eighth-mile tracks during the weekend.

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William Yarwood will be bringing a Fast & Furious hero to DCW with his Mk4 Supra. The 2JZ is still a 3.0-litre, but has a whole bunch of aftermarket fruit to keep it happy, and William says he’s making well over his previous 854rwhp figure. With a couple of roll-racing wins to his name, it’ll be interesting to see what numbers he can produce down the strip.

Entries are still open for Drag Challenge Weekend, but only just, so if you’d like to take part in the best weekend of your life on 4-6 May in Queensland, click here.