Highlights from this weekend's APSA drag racing round at Calder Park


THE Australian Pro Street Association took over Calder Park on Saturday, with some of the fastest cars in the country racing heads-up against one-another. With almost every car running at least nine-second quarter mile numbers, it made for exciting viewing and with conditions near-perfect we even saw a few of PBs ran.

Chris McDonald from McDonald Brothers Racing had his new single-turbo small-block Monaro out running its first few full-track runs and dipped into the eights for the first time with an 8.86 @ 155mph. Chris also ended up taking home the trophy for the Mod Street Blown class – not bad going for a car that really hadn’t been raced before.

Adam Rogash also ran a PB in his NOSHOW HSV Clubsport, once again dipping into the seven-second zone, this time with a 7.80 @ 178mph. Though he ended up disqualified after he was told his twin 75mm turbos were too big for the Mod Street Blown class he was in.

Matty Lud also cracked into the eight-second bracket for the first time in his 13B rotary-powered Datsun 1200 ute running an 8.99 @ 154mph and he made the final for the rotary class but just lost out.

Mark Drew also ran a PB in his crusty twin-turbo 427ci LSX-powered Holden Torana. He’s edging ever closer to a seven-second pass, running an 8.0 @ 171mph.

The True Street bracket was hotly contested and David Wright ended up taking the win with his small-block Chev-powered Torana that runs a 9.3 quarter-mile very consistently. David absolutely nailed the tree in the final to take out the class win.

As for the dedicated race machines, DJ Carl Cox’s Dandy Engines single-turbo 420ci Ford is always incredible to watch. As was Dom Luppino’s also Dandy Engines-powered twin-turbo Pro Mod Mustang. The Wild Bunch crew also joined in the action with their insane blown alcohol-injected cars. Daniel Camilleri’s RB-powered Pontiac racer was also something cool and a bit different.

But hands down, most eye-widening thing I saw had to be Rob Taylor in the new Mad Professor blown Pro Mod Camaro. Besides it taking a left turn towards the wall every time the light went green, once the ‘chute was pulled it would immediately hang a right and dart across the track into the other lane! It’s a new car so they’re still figuring out the setup – clearly they need a bit more downforce to stop the parachute lifting the rear end off the ground!

Craig Hewitt’s insane blown Monaro was also one to watch, running 5.7 @ 196mph in the final against Steve Athans and his twin-turbo Mustang in the final, taking out the Pro Street Blown class.