With a turbo bigger than Kim Kardashian's bottom, this small-block Ford motor is capable of around 2000hp

Photographers: Chris Thorogood

WE KNOW what you’re thinking. You took one look at this 420ci small-block and thought: “Needs more turbo!” Yeah, and Kim Kardashian needs a bigger butt. Dandy Engines has put this monster combination together with the plan to make somewhere in the vicinity of 2000hp. It’s not the most powerful they’ve ever built, but it’s probably got the most visual impact. That massive turbo is hard to ignore.

Ford Capri Carl CoxBuilt for world-famous British DJ Carl Cox, this insane hunk of iron powers Carl’s Pro Street Capri. Cox spends most of his time travelling the world slinging sick beats, but loves hanging out in Melbourne with his growing muscle car collection, where he was introduced to the Dandy Engines team.

The donk is a 420ci Dandy/Pro Line combination, with an alloy Fontana block, Lunati crank, BME alloy rods and Diamond pistons. Heads are CNC-ported CHI units with 275cfm runners, and flow around 400cfm at 800thou lift. The intake is a single four-barrel CID manifold topped with a 90mm Acufab throttlebody and eight Indy Blue 1600cc injectors.

DJ Carl Cox RaceBut the biggest talking point is the massive Precision 101mm turbocharger hanging off a set of custom headers. It’s not the latest and greatest, but it should make enough steam for around 2000hp. The ignition system is an MSD Power Grid, run by a FuelTech ECU, which Dandy’s Frank Marchese says is the ‘smartphone’ of modern ECU systems.

It’s still early days for the Capri at the track; the silver Pommy coupe has run 8.00@187mph with the boost set to ramp up to 21psi late in the run.

Small Block Ford Turbo Big 1Frank reckons that’s just the beginning: “There’s no reason why this car can’t run into the sixes, and we will only run it for a short time with the single 101 before we upgrade to twin Pro Mod Precision 88mm units. The PT101 is rated to around 2100hp, and with the Turbosmart wastegates and AMS1000 boost controller we will get a handle on it pretty quick. “We’re swinging a big tyre [32×16] under the rear, so that’s going to be a big bonus for us in getting this car down the track.”