No it's not an LS! George Poulson's VJ Valiant Hardtop runs a late-model 6.1-litre Hemi V8


GEORGE Poulson never really intended to build a street machine out of a Valiant Hardtop; he was much more of a Charger fan. But as time went on, he fell for the curves of the Hardtop, and with only a thousand VJ examples built, they’re a lot rarer too.

George had a couple of grumpy aspirated carby motors in quick Chargers before this Valiant, but this time he went for driveability and refinement, throwing in a late-model Chrysler 6.1-litre Hemi motor from a 300C SRT. Out of the box you get around 425hp, and George stuck with the same fast-shifting five-speed Mercedes auto that Chrysler used in the 300C. He reckons it drives just like a new car.

Check out the video as George talks us through his Valiant Hardtop and see this cool street machine in action.