Cruising to Canberra in two V8 muscle sedans and checking out scrutineering on day one of Summernats

Videographers: Scott TAYLOR

WE’RE here at Street Machine Summernats 29, after cruising up to Canberra from Melbourne yesterday. We probably wouldn’t have made it in our own cars, so Holden and Chrysler hooked us up with a couple of big V8 sedans, which made things a lot more fun! Scotty was in the 6.4-litre, 350kW (469hp) Chrysler 300 SRT with the new eight-speed auto, while I was waving the Australian flag in the new VFII Commodore SSV Redline.

The VFII is the fastest production Commo ever, with the 304kW (408hp) LS3 under the bonnet, and sadly its also the last Aussie-made Holden. Our car has the six-speed manual and the crazy bi-modal exhaust that’s standard on all new SS models. It crackles and pops and gets a lot of attention when you’re gunning it. The exhaust alone is probably the single greatest improvement over the Series One VF.

Scotty reckons his Chrysler is better – he’s wrong – but it goes even harder than the Commodore and is comfier, and has an old-school muscle-car woof to the exhaust. While its more expensive than the Holden ($69,000 versus $53,990) it still offers a whole lot of bang for your bucks.

Once we arrived at Summernats, we checked out what was happening at the scrutineering sheds and met a few people with some interesting stories to share. Check out the video to see how it all went down on day one of Street Machine Summernats 29.