We pull the crank out of the new L67 – Carnage Plus EP100

Scotty pulls the crank out of our new L67 and is less than impressed


THERE’S always risk involved when putting your faith in old junker engines for a project, and in our case the new L67 we picked up for our VN Berlina has a less than healthy crankshaft.

For those out of the loop, we picked up a second L67 to put into our VN Supermang project after the last one snapped a timing chain and was found to have completely rooted heads.

Scotty got to work pulling it down so we could send the heads over the PowerHouse engines for a some porting and valve work. While that was being done, the original plan was the refresh the 180,000km-old bottom end with some re-gapped rings and fresh bearings.

Well that plan all went out the window as soon as Scotty started pulling pistons out, revealing a bunch of big score marks on the crank. Taking off the main caps didn’t help the case, and it became apparent our quick OEM refresh plan had already left the room.

So, now the new agenda is to have the crank linished to get into usable condition, which will require resized bearings to make it all spin nicely.

The good news about this is it’s given us time to order more go fast bits for the bottom end, which will include rods bolts for the conrods and upgraded studs for the main caps.

We’re really excited to get Supermang back together, and once we do it should be ripping harder than ever. So make sure you keep an eye out on our socials, website and of course YouTube channel to see the progress.