Video: Our stock-bottom-end 1JZ hits 422kW at the hubs

We head back to the dyno with the Trolvo's new turbo in search of more stonk

Photographers: Matt Hull
Videographers: Matt Hull

This episode of Carnage takes us back down to the dyno at Maxx Performance in Dandenong with head tuner Zane Heath, as we pursue more power from our 1JZ-swapped Volvo 240.

Regular viewers will know that we recently completed a bolt-on turbo upgrade to a Pulsar G35 1050 thanks to VPW Australia, but hit a snag on the dyno when we tried shooting for more ponies.

That issue was the exhaust size, particularly the dump pipe. The old three-inch system we had from the original turbo setup worked well in that form, but it wasn’t long before the last dyno session showed it was choking up the new turbo.

The champions at Maxx turned around a full four-inch system for the Trolvo in record time, so with more room to breathe we threw it back on the dyno to see how far we could push the stock bottom end 1JZ.

Things started well. The sound of the Trolvo’s beefier cams through the straight through exhaust was awesome, and with no more restrictions it easily pumped out 490rwhp on the lowest boost setting, 23psi.

As Zane began to dial the boost in the car started to break up. Luckily Scotty already had some brand new plugs on standby, so after gapping them down appropriately he screwed them into the Yamaha-engineered head so we could keep tuning.

The fix saw power jump over the 400rwkW mark for the first time, eventually culminating in a best of 422rwkW/566rwhp on around 28psi.

That was the point we hit the ceiling of another component, which this time is the spring pressure in our Turbosmart external wastegate.

The pressure of the current spring isn’t enough to hold more than 28psi, so our plan is to race the car as is and then chuck a new spring in and try for over 30psi. You’ll see all those antics in future episodes of Carnage, and a big thanks to our supporters Hare and Forbes Machinery House, Ryobi and VPW Australia.